Fanfics/ anime & manga, only BNHA tho.
I have 2 accounts, this one & rushihime so don't be suprised if i talk to you on either one.
I'm a straight christian black girl otaku whose really sweet but if you make me mad you'll know I can be a bitch when you push my absolute limits.
I'm a canonical shipper meaning if the ship isn't canon by the end of the series/ manga/ anime 9/10 times I won't be shipping it anymore. Some exceptions are Royai, HitsuKarin, KakaShizu & many more.
While I don't believe in zodiac signs, I find them entertaining & I'm a Capricorn.
Listen we don't know each other so tbh your insults won't really hurt me or my feelings. This is the internet, treat it as such.
I'm a nerdy tomboy who absolutely loves reading/baking/singing but I'm total shit at dancing/overrall acting as a lady should.

Love your fucking self... You know what I mean. I've seen too many peeps on this platform or irl get hurt for bastards and bitches who don't deserve them. Those times when someone calls you pretty, beautiful and handsome & you don't believe them. Well you're a fucking snacc & I'll tell you as many times as you need to hear for you to understand.

Regardless of gender/ race/ religion/country you fucking matter & don't let the haters through. I'm saying all this cause I've been struggling with low self esteem/worth for years & noone bothered to say this to me so I'll say it to you.
Suicide is NOT the answer you can get through this, if I could you can as well. You'll only hurt those who really love you while making the haters think they were right
Screw the bullies & fake friends. If you don't like me then just leave me alone
Be kind to everyone. The earth is OURS not yours bish
Some peeps really do show that if they controlled who got oxygen & who didn't then humanity would have died out by now XD
If someone hurts you for coal, give them a million reasons why you shine brighter than a diamond ;)

Love God & urself lest the devil rein supreme in ur life.
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