It’s my First Wattpad Anniversary!
          	What a year! I’ve surely learned a lot in a span of 12 months. Writing opened a lot of doors for me, and I know it will open more in the future. Writing isn't as easy as it may sound considering all the writer's blocks, doubts, and pressure to write the story as close to perfect as possible—since perfection doesn’t exist. Not to mention the fact that I need to empathize with my characters, write something to which my readers can relate, learn, and reflect, proofread and edit my first draft, and so on.
          	It requires commitment, consistency, and passion to write. Sometimes it can feel draining. But it feels like it is my purpose to touch your souls through my words.
          	I’ve never been this in love with writing. I am excited to write more and to learn more. I am aware that there’s a lot to improve, but being here is a milestone for me. I’ve come so far, and the road will still be long and bumpy. Looking back to how I arrived here, I know I will be able to overcome the hurdles that might come along the way. Of course, with you. Who else will I share this journey with if not you, my medicines. Thank you for your love and support since day one. I am grateful for the chance that you gave me and my stories. I’ve never imagined that I'd gain a thousand readers—not even a hundred. Indeed, heaven gave me more than I expected.
          	To the eight-year-old Maii who dreamt of writing a fairytale, you have written more than one. You meet good people, your elixirs, who support you and shower you with love. 
          	Maii, I hope that you are proud of us. Congratulations on your first anniversary! To many more years and stories to come!


@ov3rtin_ker so proud ate kasi dasurv!!! To more years to come! 




@ov3rtin_ker waaaaaa Happy Anniversary Ate MALLLLLL


Hii ate maii mapanakit, ngayon na ko mag lapag ng message kasi feel ko busy ako kapag nag 95k kana?!!!! Feel ko lang ha? Pero kasi naiinip na ko charis, happy 94.7k lahams galing galing mo so much, proud na proud ako sayo! Palagi, for now galingan mo muna sa school mo tas kunan mo ko ng dugo pag marunong kana HAHAHHAAHHAHA djk galingan mo sa school shot shot 100k


Hello po :) mag kakaron po ba ng story si Ciana and Isagani? Thank you po ;)


Patay na siya mga mare :) 


Wag nyo na ko paasahin pls lng Hqhshhahsha