@beetlebugs hey! i'm good. it's raining today so i'm really happy haha. how are you?


Hello Everyone!
          I have been using Wattpad for quite some time now and I wanted to publish a teen fiction of my own.
          I just published the first chapter of "Her Fantasy: To Conquer it All"
          You can find it here:
          It would mean a lot if you read it, vote and dropped a feedback if you wish in the comments.
          Please share ahead if you find the story worth it 
          Thank you!


Hey all you beautiful people! I’m writing a book about a love triangle between Draco, Lorenzo and Mattheo Riddle it’s for mature readers only it would mean a lot if any of you would read and I would gladly read your stories as well ! 


Hello my dearest babies,
          I would like to invite you to a wonderful journey I'm creating. The book currently work on is called "Lethe". It's a Draco Malfoy X Reader fanfiction, a type of piece of art everyone loves to read in here
          It contains:
          ✷ loads of artistic content
          ✷ best friends to lovers relationship
          ✷ lots of emotions and symbolism
          ✷ ironic jokes (as Slytherins should)
          ✷ jealousy ;) (stan Noen Harris for clear skin) 
          ✷ a playlist on Spotify so come heree
          Hope you'll check on my story and enjoy it! 
          You are loved everywhere 
          Your Orchidea


hey guys it would really mean a lot to me as a small writer if your would check out my Draco Malfoy fan fic titled “Draco, my love.” It is a romance, smut and action fan fiction novel set in Ootp - battle of hogwarts era and contains some Fred scenes later on. I promise it gets better the further you read and has a slow burn from enemies to lovers and a massive plot whole twist 
          all my love - oliviagracesaunders