Beat the count! 


Sorry for just jumping onto your profile, I'm a multi-genre author writing mostly 18 + romances and I'm trying to expand my reach. 
          If this genre is of interest to you I have several completed books on my page and new things being released all of the time if you'd like to check them out. 
          I also have a Book Guide on my page that had tons of information on most of my works and is a good way to see what, if any of my books are right for you at a glance. 
          If this isn't something you're interested in please simply disregard this message but regardless thank you for taking the time to read it. 


          Sorry to pop up from nowhere but I was wondering if you won't mind checking out my works. I've written three books and I won't mind your feedbacks on any of them, please feel free to read which ever one catches your interests, you can find all stories on my profile. If you don't want to, it's completely fine. Have a beautiful day. 


Heyy!! Andrew Davila DM'd me?? hit 10k reads!!I mean that's wow! Never I have thought it would gain this much reads 10,000 ppl have read it. You have liked it , may not have like it! But you all took your tme to read it! Thank you so much!❤️


News #1: *drum rolls* Andrew Davila DM'd Me!?! has hit 2k read. Wow. Thank you all so much! Wish Andrew could read this hahaha. Anyways on the other news, I have entered this book to Wattpad India Awards 2020. I have to complete this book by Nov 20th. So hopefully I complete it. *Fingers crossed* 
          And once again THANK YOU VERY MUCH!