hey guys  
          	ik most of the people who read my book wont see this, first imma say i’m really sorry for being inactive, i’ve jus been focusing more on school especially since my grades kinda slipped  but i was considering to start a new book on weekends, one with a similar plot of my taekook book, so jus comment on this and give me an idea for a new book and i might give it a try <3


@u_dont_know12 u love her book that is usually plagiarized?


@ppapijesus Infact I am also studying and am not really able to do other stuffs..but it's okay..Ik you'll give your best..


@ppapijesus it's v late but it's okay! School can be really hectic, i get u mate
          	  Take care! I'd say, keep writing, you're great at it! Just remember to take breaks