*violently tapping the mic*
          	Maybe i have posted a new story. Maybe it's a yoonmin story. Probably I'm not looking forward for any support. Still I'm sharing if anyone want to read
          	Love luna ♥


@123hikibakas bish you're constantly ignoring meh - -


@purplefallenangel bish I'm shedding happy tears


As the wind splash my face
          As the wind splash my face
          I see you 
          Slowly slowly flowing away
          I know am the reason ,
          I know am the reason,
          But as it gives shivers ,
          I regret ,I regret not being by your side,
          I know you're nearby wishing me ,
          I know you're nearby me,
          But I have already became blind,
          Already a blind
          As the wind splash sprinkle of rain 
          As the wind splash
          I see the things I regret doing
          Regret doing,
          I gave up my eyesight,
          Gave up my eyesight,
          Wind splashed and splashed harsher everytime,
          Harsher everytime,
          I know am the reason,
          I know am the reason,
          As you slowly slowly flew past ,
          Flow past me
          The splash let me see you
          The wind splashed against my face
          Splashed against my face,
          Regret is all that is left,
          The wind splashed and splashed,
          It finally left me,but I feel heavy without it!
          Heavy without it