~ @rayne_youth is an account for me (@ieatsocks) to write some short books akin to those my character Rayne (from Youth) would write.  Of course they will not be full-length novels like his original books were intended to be, however what I do write will be made concise as to consider things such as a) his opinions (and level of sanity) at the time of writing each chapter, b) important background information for Youth that I haven't found a way to implement and c) other things about him or his life at the time of writing these books that might be interesting for you to read. ~

So far I have published:

- A Guide to Eternal Happiness
This is the book seen in Chapter 14 that Nyais gets seemingly defensive over. Written years before Rayne's breakdown, it shows a more sane and caring side of the deranged doctor we know today. Aspects of his sadistic nature and warped ideas are prevalent throughout, however, and his intentions of writing the book (which at first seem innocent) have a strangely darker meaning.
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