To my wonderful readers,
          	The whole and completed book is only available in WEB NOVEL. Please don't read it on any other sites.  I couldn't publish the whole book here due to copyright reasons. I hope you understand. Thank you for all your support!


@MsKittenMarie88 how are you so blatantly out of touch and close-minded? lol. not every writer has the opportunity or resources to publish their written works on something more “credible”, such as built-up publishing companies, to get their craft’s worth and to survive. have you never thought that maybe this is the only opportunity the writer was offered to publish their work and make some sort of profit off of it?
          	  like, if you think this writer is a sham who rips off their audiences and doesn’t care about their audience just because they took the opportunity they were offered with, and they have the freedom to choose for themselves. then maybe—seeing as you keep insisting your thoughts onto others—you don’t care to think about the author’s needs either, and just want them to serve you and your needs. don’t you think you’re being arrogant and disrespectful as well - if we apply the same logic? lol.
          	  i get it, it’s ideal to purchase a book at one go but the world’s evolving and new marketing strategies are developed and tested out to cater other’s needs too or to see what works.
          	  maybe some readers can’t afford one big purchase and can only do little purchases but would still like to read. or maybe some just like purchasing per chapter. who cares? let people live their lives, and choose for themselves.
          	  if you have a problem with these rip-off platforms, don’t take it out on the author who just wanted to publish elsewhere and make profit. again, they don’t write and produce their work for you (or anyone, in that matter). they don’t exist to serve others.
          	  and just so you know- just because you prefer one thing over another or you have an opinion on things, doesn’t mean others will have that same opinion. you can’t generalize based on your personal experiences or preferences, and reprimand or stop others for doing the opposite. the world doesn’t revolve around you.


@fleurdelyse88  this is really heart-breaking