Hello. I'm Ashleigh Wilkes. I was a reader long before I became a writer. I was appalled at the deluge of books here that romanticised cheating and depicted female protaginists as shallow and weak, easily swayed by "Greek God-like" looks, ready to forgive abuse and humiliation so easily. It was ludicrous.
          I started writing my first book, Karma, to vent my frustration and rage at the messages that were being trumpeted in these books: "It's okay to cheat." "Everyone is human, and humans make mistakes." "Cheating is a mistake, it's no big deal." "Forgive and forget." "Who cares if he cheated on me? Will most likely cheat on me again? All that matters is that he's so hot with that sexy wink and that cocky smirk. Mindblowing sex is all that counts."
          My books were plagarised and I deleted my account. I came back after a long break with a new book and rewrote Karma.
          A woman deserves fidelity. A woman deserves loyalty. A woman deserves respect.
          We women are brave, bold and beautiful. We are not toys to be broken or doormats to be trampled on. We have self-respect. We have self-worth. We are not the pathetic creatures depicted in these fictional works, degrading caricatures who debase their pride and their dignity in the name of their so-called selfless and kind "love". Love? I have a better word for it: LUST.
          Thank you for reading this.