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While most people were spending today and yesterday safely celebrating christmas, the IOF massacred over 70 in an air strike in the al-maghazi refugee camp. Today they’ve raided Bethlehem, the birthplace of jesus, and kidnapped people in the jenin refugee camp. How some people can celebrate christmas as if nothings going on is beyond me. 

          Here is a instagram link that describes what Jesus’s, who was Palestinian, life would have looked like had he been born today
 (I recommend following both this account and their backup account on instagram! they are extremely informative and post daily updates on the genocide in Palestine)
          Here’s a post with a list of things you can still do while congress is on recess

          (thank you to @vecnas for sharing these links!)
          And here’s two posts that link to a lot of Palestinian journalists. I highly recommend that you follow these people and keep yourself informed about what is happening!


          Please keep yourself informed and updated on what’s happening! We can’t just stop talking about this and/or ignore it! They want us to stop talking about it so they can continue with this genocide. None of us are free until all of us are free