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read this before reading my stories! ^w^

"A writer with full blooms and flowers beneath the deepest imaginative minds, lurking amidst the passion of ones heart."

The quote I wrote, I believe portrays me as a writer. The full of blooms to represent my interests in growth, the flowers beneath the deepest sublime minds represents the variety of worlds I constantly live in; as well as the lurking passion of my heart. A versatile writer as my imaginations are as vast as the never-ending sea.

I am an immensely harsh writer. I admire, to set forth a fair share of pain to my blemished characters. You could say my characters ideal but not as you think; I create their lives to an extent of what I believe they deserve. Furthermore, I am new, so I accept corrections and constructive criticism. My stories are unedited so expect grammatical and typographical errors; typically every chapter contains 3k-4k words. I will revise my stories as soon as I can when I get to finish it.

All stories are written in two main languages: English and Tagalog. Therefore, if you are looking for something with numb characters, confusing plots, dreadfully written stories, revolving around a hint of reality and home, feel free to check and read my works!

Twitter: @seedinkywp
Fb: Seed Inkywp
Email: seedinkywp@gmail.com

My stories:

Lucrece Trilogy:
# 1 The Tallest Mountains [Completed | Under Revision]
# 2 The Steep Road Ahead [On-Going]
# 3

See you!
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