Hi everyone!
          	Just thought I'd do an FAQ at the end of the next chapter. I already know some of your questions, but do comment your questions here. I'll answer the most asked ones in the next chapter along with others I know some of you have been asking me. 
          	P. S. Pls don't ask questions about the plot and how it is going to progress, for obvious reasons.  
          	Selladore ❤️


@selladore_ When will you next update? Please and thank you


@selladore_ what is the age of finding your mate in the book and how old was Rayne in the ending of the first book? 


@selladore_ So Sven. I love him so much! Any chance of him getting his own story? What are the different types of status a wolf can show? Ex. Whenever a powerful wolf is approaching. How is it sensed? Lastly, in your book is 2nd chance mates a thing?


Your book was the first book I read on Wattpad, and I immediately fell in love with the app... But the only reason I fell in love with it is because of your books, I literally finished 3 books in less than 6hrs... I hope you're alright tho, haven't seen any updates since you finished HTTIC : Dyriths. I really hope you're okay, even if you don't update books, at least let us know you're good


Did the 3rd book leave off on a cliffhanger?