Just read both of your stories back to back. Just want to say I loved everything. The comedic time to the steamy situations and the intensity of the conflict. Well done!!! Those stories made me feel everything from happy to sad to rage. Lol, I haven't screamed at my phone over a story in a long time. Please keep posting your creative world's here. You have acquired a lifetime reader. If you don't post on here and you do somewhere else, please let me know.


I really liked you story "His Exception" and I was wondering if you are planning on a sequel?


thankyou so much! yes i definitely am 


Just finished His Exception and I must say it's one of the best Draco ff I've read! I love that the OC was from Hufflepuff and she's exactly how I imagined them to be.. soft and kind natured but a hardass when they need to be! Ugh! I wish I could forget it all so I can read it again and experience all the geeli gs and emotions for the first time again