Hi, my name is Shayna. I am a very shy and private person unless you get to know me.  Even though I am shy I am still outspoken. I will tell you how I feel about certain things unless I dotn trust you. Trust is a very hard thing to gain from me.  I am in love with wattpad. I am a fanfiction and story lover. I want to write my own story but i don't have the courage to. If you look in my reading list, you can tell I am obsessed with BBW, urban and boyxboy books. I am all about romance and drama books because most of the drama parts relate to things I've seen or done. I am babbling on and on about myself so, i'll just finish reading books for now.

My reading list are all over the place, some will be deleted if I don't like the story but most are some that I have reread after taking some time away from wattpad.
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