ohmygod I suck at this.  really, really sorry.  But I was rereading The Art of Boy yesterday (because you know, after not updating for....ummmm how long?)  I forgot all the little details I wanted to incorporate in.  And I realized something.
          	My writing is freaking awful.  Okay?  It's bad.
          	And I need to mass-edit this story, maybe even re-write it because even though I know you guys want another chapter (which I'm sorry about that too), it doesn't feel right to be updating even more crappy chapters on top of crappy chapters.  It's a pride thing, I guess.
          	Anyways, I hate all my characters right now, and when I was trying to write the next chapter yesterday, my head just exploded and I killed all of them off. 
          	So I  can't exactly post that, either.
          	Please understand!  I'll be posting other stuff, it's just I need to get this sorted out.  It's giving me anxiety right now.


poke. please update art of boy soon. poke. even if it's nonsense it's good. poke. pretty please. poke. I don't even care if they go skydiving to learn about physics or if they have to fight ninjas. poke. pretty please with sprinkles and hot fudge and whipped cream and a cherry on top!


          ya can't just keep on leaving me lol
          nah i understand it's ok
          i haven't been on like three days bc it's almost the end of school for me and we have to finish all our projects and requirements aND I'M NOT OKAYy