I wrote myself a Shakespearean sonnet for Valentine’s day, check it out


Hello I'm rereading the recovery series for like the 5th time and I was wondering what you insta was ? You said you had pictures or Triger on there and I would love to see what he looks like because I have aphantasia which means I can't imagine things so it's hard to figure out what he looks like 


hey, i absolutely love your “recovery” series, and i NEED you to update it! it has helped me get through things and i need to know what happens next. please update, or let us know if there will be a long break.


I have a question about the horse books
          that question is which on do I read first?


@lazybabyxx the recovery series is different from the runaway horse series. If you read are reading the recovery series you should read recovery first but if you are reading the runaway horse series then you should read the runaway horse first. The rest of the books are just solo books not part of any series


Hey, I’m a huge fan of your books. I read your recovery series in only four days and I’m really interested in how it is continued. I hope you’re alright and I would be incredibly happy if you update the gravity book anytime soon.  


Hey there! I love your 'Recovery' series, and I was wondering if you're considering updating it? It's ended in such a cliffhanger so far, and I absolutely must know what happened to Trigger! Thanks for your time reading this :)