Player in Luv is almost at 800K even when I've stopped updating for a year now thank you❤️ that book started out as a gag joke and it's actually turned legit dhsjsjjd thank you for the love! i appreciate so much x


@springbts please update again :((


@springbts Please update it. I am waiting for more desperately. I hope you're okay but again please update it... <3 :D :P :)


this book was definitely one of my favorites! I know you haven’t updated in a long time but I hope  your happy and healthy!:)


hi this is sab aka @springbts! (not clickbait lol) i got locked out of this account, as i've posted down below, so i decided to make a new one as a back-up. 
          even though i've decided to stop writing most of my stories, i might want to re-post them into this new account so i could still have access to them somehow... even though it won't be the full experience. i'm doing this in case i'd ever want to update them, too, although tbrh i feel like i've decided to stop writing most (if not all) of my stories. or maybe i'm just nostalgic; i spent some time here when i was growing up, and i wanted to go through my account the way you would an old memorabilia but i couldn't do that now. 
          in any case, i've set up this account as a spare, so come say hi if you want to! (。´ ‿`♡) i'm also on twt as @yoonficus or ao3 as @minlumos!


Hii everyone hope you all are doing good and keeping yourself safe, cus it's important afterall you all have to read my work. Fine let's start
          I'm new here and after reading a lot of ff I have
          finally published my own work it's a jimin Ff
          Hope you all would like and support me, definitely it's a worth of your precious time. Here is the link 
          Thank you:) 


hey guys, this is sab aka springbts! this is (really) me lol this is my second account!! 
          so i thought i'd finally tell you all what's going on, which is that i'm basically locked out of this (@springbts) account ): i've had plans to move over to ao3, and you can find me there (@minlumos or on twt as @yoonficus) and discontinue my wattpad stories, except i wanted to come back from time to time and maybe update at least Unrequited, because that story I hold really close to me! sadly, i can't access my email connected to this account, so i can't change my password (Wattpad INSISTS i change my password and won't let me login without doing so, as some sort of deranged verification method maybe).
          Either way, I miss you all dearly, and hope you're staying safe in this pandemic. Seeing messages and notifications still popping up in my story (yes, I lurk) is so heartwarming - knowing that even after my long inactivity, people still like stuff I wrote back when I had no idea how to write what I wanted to properly :,) thank you! I love you!


@-GGUKIETRASH unrequited is close to my heart too! really hope you'll update it!:( stay safe!


when they email you back , they'll ask you about the email you used , for three books in your drafts(if you have any) and three books from your Library. if they can verify that you're the owner of the acc. they'll send you a link to reset your password :) 


hey , the exact same thing happened to me. I don't know if youll ever see this but if you want it back, you should email Wattpad's support centre about it. you can find more information on their site 


can someone pls tell me which one of her books is already finished and which ones are ongoing? thnx:)


@TheChristianChimChim hey! this is springbts (but it's my second account because i'm locked out of @springbts sadly) - i have no plans to continue any of my books for the time being or ever unfortunately, so while all of them are ongoing, I'd say Player in Luv is the most complete, but Unrequited is worth a shot because I feel like how it stopped could also be interpreted as an ending! I hope you enjoy :)