It's crazy to me that even after all these years, Superior is still ranked in Sci-Fi. That's pretty cool (you guys are pretty cool). I'll always wonder how you can still manage to stomach my gross freshman year writing, but I appreciate it all the same. Hope you're all doing well, and happy (belated) new year!


@starlightt 'Gross freshman year writing ' ....... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WOMAN??? IT was one of the best books I have read in wattpad ... I am your  loyal and undying fan . If you ever need a cheerleader just notify me.... 
          	  p.s Your book was fantastic... never ever dare to call it gross


@starlightt Wow, I remember reading that book before. It's so great! Loved it ^^,


@starlightt  We'll miss your writing and I'll always love Superior. It will always have a place in my heart since it's the first Wattpad story I read and finished. Delaney and Caleb will always be my faves. I wish you could get it published. I'd love to read it again in hardbound. And I missed the old cover. :)


While i know, you'll never read this, but thankyou for writing superior no matter however young and inexperienced you felt back then(I read your replies of ages ago). I won't bug you for something I know you don't want to do. But yes, thankyou indeed.


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Hi Daven , I have just started reading December and I don't have words at how awe inspiring it is . Also the author's notes you left are always so much fun to read . 
          You probably won't read it . I really hope I had joined wattpad sooner and had the chance to talk to you . You honestly seem such an amazing person aside from being a talented writer <3333