Oh look I finally decided to re do this

Hello to the human who accidentally clicked on my profile, I know you're gonna click off idk why I'm doing this

Aight ok if by any chance you decided to stay here are some things I can give less shits about

Names Sapphire, call me Sap Sappling, Saphie, idgaf

I'm an aromantic bitch who is trying my hardest to complete high school and not just give up and become a stripper

I'm in a lot of fandoms so I won't even bother naming them

Places (if you ever decided to text me (why would you do that tho like seriously why)) you can find me
• Instagram: @shutupmalfoy__bts
(just so you know my insta has two _) (occasionally active)
•Twitter: @Tangerines_plz (rarely active)
•Discord: @Sapphire#9697 (people here believes I'm dead)

That's all for now ig
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