updated the share house twice this week lol. i was in a writing mood :)


@svrcegi ahhh ty i needed this


@svrcegi u sure are.... Keep writing 


Hey army! 
          I just started writing my first book,I need your support on this army..
          I will be very great full for your if u may look at my book and give me your suggestion  
          Have a look on my first Book army's and there something special about this book bcz story ia based on someone know to me and her sufferings . 
          Its tae x Y/n story (although I am taekooker but its okay right )
          Thank u.
          Cab u please vote ? 
          My book 


guess who?  
          thank you for all the messages you sent while i was away <33 i'm doing a lot better now and i can slowly become active again !


@svrcegi It's so good to hear that you're getting better! don't rush it or push yourself to become active too much, we can wait. but it is good to hear that you are coming back to write, we missed you while you were on your break, but sometimes you need that break so you can get your sh!t together again.


Glad you’re doing better !!


this message may be offensive
Is okay gi.. You first gotta cope up with your studies and stuff... As a teenager myself, ik how hard it is to handle everything (your studies, this acc, household shits etc) Idk about others but I'm with you... always (At Least till this acc dont deactivate) (Lol no offence bae!!) and I'm sure you'll give a banger performance in the academics... And about the hiatus, you gotta be strong cause people just need a shit to bark about that they've got, but you aren't going to pay attention on it and be a slay gurl which you are... Be happy sweetheart... Fighting!!!