I just wanted to ask you if can I use your ff for my youtube videos,  I like your ff so much.
          So, if you want I can give credit to you for the ff.
          So please tell me what do you think about that.


HII i really like ur book ,,youre scent" and I would've love to translate it in my language (german) to share this mf good story!!! I would appreciate that a lot! If ur not okay with that its fine!! Also of course I would link you too if i wouldn't translate it!!! Many thanks


Hi I start read your book maStEr and I was wondering if you mind if I traduce your book in french. I have read enough Wattpad book to tell you that the reader love this type of book ( I start on Wattpad like 11 months ago and I write some books I might publish one day) I speak french but I am fluent in english so I can do a good traduction, you can say no if you want its your book its your choices, hope you answer me soon 


@hyunlix_64 sorry but I'm not allowing translations