Hi guys! 
          	It's been a reallllly long time since I last updated and a lot of you have asked me why I haven't.. 
          	A lot has been going around.. this stupid pandemic has already caused a lot of negativity, then my exams happened and now recently the most devastating thing happened.. one of the most talented person I admired committed suicide (desimys I hope you know the reference.. Sushant) 
          	For all of you who didn't know him, he was one talented actor and his demise is something I really can't get over with. 
          	I wasn't a die-hard fan but something just doesn't feel right. Idk why it feels like a personal loss.. 
          	These past few days have been so tough man. I really really wished this didn't happen. 
          	So much negativity man.. I also happened to watch his movie, Chichore, and I swearrrr it's THE MOST AMAZING films I've watched so far!! 
          	It touched upon this sensitive issue of suicide and I don't think I have enough words to express myself after watching it and coming to terms that he actually took his life when he said in the film, "Tumhara result decide nhi karta ki tum loser ho, tumhari mehnat decide Karti h!" (your result doesn't decide your success, your hard work does!)
          	Oh man.. then why!? :(
          	I hope you all are doing great.. I swear a lot of hate and negativity is going around so if anybody wants to talk I'm here. 
          	Love ya xx


OMG poor man I don't know him but he sounds really amazing a lot of idols have died for different reasons so I understand the feeling hope you stay healthy and update your fans and I really miss your amazing work ♥♡ borahe 


@takemetotheskaii I can feel you.. even though I'm late to reply but his death definitely was a huge loss to all of us. We all hope that he is in a happy place right now.. and I know it's hard to overcome the negativity.. believe me I'm at that stage of my life too... Everything just seems too hard and I'm not even an adult yet! Hope you are doing well as it's been almost a year since you have went inactive.. please do take care of yourself and don't worry about your books or readers. We love you truly and your books will forever be in our hearts (and library). Stay safe and happy! ❤️


agreed, (side note my mom is now the cbi )


hi my dear authornim, how are you? hope you are happy and healthy, but it seems like you're busy. Just wanted to let you know, whenever you open your wattpad, your fans, your readers are eagerly waiting for your updates. i have even reread "23 again" XD it was fun though. i LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH and you tooooo for writing it, but i'm just missing you now