Hello everyone.
          	I wish I could say that it’s been awhile but unfortunately I am not the Tashia that you all know and love. My name is irrelevant but I’ve known Tash for a long long time. Since birth she’s lived with a condition called cystic fibrosis and unfortunately earlier this year she died of lung failure. I haven’t had the courage to log onto this account yet since she gave me the password, but now I think I’m ready to tell everyone who loved her stories the truth. I’m not a writer, but I always tried to support her in every way that I could. She always talked about how happy she was to be writing, and that people actually enjoyed her work. She was so grateful and so am I, I’ll never forget her or how much good she did. :) This is just an update, she has a couple of drafts but I’m not sure whether to post them. But until then :) 


@kenmaisafool Are you seriously commenting this? If you don’t have anything to say don’t say it at all. She really did pass away and your over here being messy for no reason. Your the one trying to get attention. FYI don’t nobody want to read your books sweetie. Gain attention another way instead of commenting selfish things‍♀️


I just started reading today. The news just broke my heart, rip tashia :(


I just found the account right now and i hope i don’t bother someone. I just wanted to say that i know how it feels to lose someone close and i am here if u want to talk to me. I will read ur fanfictions with great passion. ❤️❤️


What a wonderful person. I only just found their stories and heard of their passing. I suppose I should have found them sooner as I would've liked to chat with them. I can see how much the author's stories reflect the author as a person. Tashia, you are an inspiration to many and encouraging me to write again. You would have made so much more wonderful stories, but also as a person touch many hearts. Rest easy and fly high, Tashia
          May you rest in peace <3


when i was scrolling in pinterest, i saw these kagehina fanart abt tobio being blind and they say i can read 'em in wp. i never expected that you already on the other side. i'll surely read your amazing works :))
          requiescat in pace, pretty angel <3


I just passing by your profile noticing a lot of comments your passing, I was shocked. After scrolling down, I really couldn’t believe you passed away :(. I may not know you that much, but I hope you find peace in heaven! Rest in peace Tashia… *small heart*