Hi, it's been a while<3 I have only a few quick things to say!!
          	1. Remember the Detroit become human fanfoc I talked about last year? I've posted it on my Tumblr for those that would like to read it. I think I'm going to do one more part of it because there's still a little left of what I've written.
          	2. I've been thinking about perhaps ... rewriting my fanfictions? But not as fanfictions, as real novels with my own characters. Like I do with the ones I'm planning to send in to irl publishers. But instead, I post them here because i do think its a shame that this account "goes to waste" if that makes sense. I don't know if that would be read however, since it's not the boyz. If you want, please give me your thoughts to help me come to a conclusion♡
          	Thank you for reading, miss you all<3


I read your story 2020 taken by the Mafia I tried so many times to find this story now today in my Facebook memory I found a ss of your story I became so happy but no books are available if rewrite them but as BTS I will be okay but I want read your story.


@tbznewberry I miss all of your books  I keep rereading them sadly I can't anymore 


YESSSSS PLEASEEE  i miss sm ur books


hi molly… i came back for the nth time to check if you republished your fics yet or not, i really miss your fics! i just want to say that i enjoyed it sm and i wish i could read it again… it’s sad to see 0 works on your profile, but i hope you’re okay!


Hello Molly <3 I’ve been reading you’re fanfics ever since I remember and I came back after a long time and I saw nothing on your profile which is truly heartbreaking just wanted to let you know I spend so many summer nights staying awake and reading your stories wish you could rapload them