the update for this app is so bad ong


Boba: Heyy! We're here to welco-
          Moonlight: throws a bagel to her head It's my chance to promote, shut up! 
          Boba: Um? We all know that I'm the better promoter flips hair Right guys? 
          Moonlight: Yes, in your dreams rolls eyes Anyways, this is The Celebrity Wonderland Community! Our community is a fun and loving community where you can show of your skills and- 
          Boba: yeets eclair's ass to mars Great! Now that she's gone, what I was saying is that our community is place for you to showcase your talents, meet new people! 
          Moonlight: smacks Boba's forehead HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME -_- Our community is accepting of all fandoms and is a place where you will have fun in participating! 
          Boba: Ugh, you're back -- Anyway, slots are open, so check them out!
           Moonlight: pushes boba 
          Boba: pushes Moonlight back
          Link to our hiring book: