Hello friend:)
          	Just a quick disclaimer. 
          	Thank you so much for the love, but I don't read all the messages/comments/ reviews from everyone (unless it's a direct message to me on Patreon in which case ✨customer service✨). 
          	It's not because I don't want to I am always so eternally grateful that you read my stories (I get some of your comments via email and I love them).But it's because I'm insecure and mentally weak (You could probably eat me alive and I'd curl up on the floor and just die). 
          	I want to do my best for everyone, and so over the years, I've learnt that it's healthier for me to distance myself from everyone. I also believe after seeing how other authors react to comments sometimes, that it's better for everyone when I'm not lurking.
          	Still, if there's an emergency/you've spotted my stupidity, email me ❤️ (T_T)  tinyeyecat@gmail.com
          	Have a good day! Stay safe, drink more water(hehe). Wishing everyone lots and lots of good luck <3 I only want you to be healthy and happy, my dear friend. <3


@tinyeyecat Hi amazing author-creator-god, do have pinterest boards for your stories or smt?? at least for hakkon. i want to understand what the monsters look like T-T


@tinyeyecat (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ awwww.. Thank you for being such a wonderful author emi.. Take care and god bless to you <3