HEADS UP - I'm much less active on wpd than I used to be so my reading lists might be a bit outdated!

Don't know why you're reading my description since I don't write, but maybe you want to check out the 30 million books on my reading list if we have similar taste. My ultimate fav recommendations are at the bottom of my profile btw

I'm a sucker for chicklit, romcom and a good ol' smutty romance (aren't we all 😅)

If there's witty humour and strong characters I'm in, extra points for a sexy tattooed man 😏 plus a nice sprinkle of dark and brooding (without making me want to literally stab the characters in the face every 3 seconds... I mean I'm on wattpad to escape real life and forget the stress of whatever I'm procrastinating doing)

I will tolerate mediocre grammar for a high quality story but I'm a massive grammar nerd, sorry not sorry 🤷‍♀️📚

••• WARNING:I will 100% make every sexual joke I come up with in the comments. I have the maturity of a horny 15 yr old boy •••


Make It Known by Ami (aka my wife - well, actually we have a complicated relationship involving affairs, threesomes, unwanted children and long distance sexting - if you don't read the comments, you're missing out on basically the other half of the book)
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