A little busy these days. Will update as soon as I can.
          	Thank you for all the patience.
          	Just a few more things left to show and then the story would come to an end.
          	Having a hard time deciding how to show it and so it is taking even more time.
          	It is getting harder to right with every chapter because I don't want to mess up the ending.
          	Thank you all for taking out time for it and waiting for it.


We can wait. Don't worry and please do not en d it soon. Your story refreshes our mind.


@tishta_7 these my most favourite ff ♥️♥️aap late update karo hum sab wait karenge but plz story end mat karo I'm very connected these ff and u are very very good writer I'm never ever seen u are ♥️♥️♥️l love ur ff and u are most sweet person ♥️♥️l love u for these amazing story u write and I'm connecting these  plz don't end story soon  I'm still waiting for but take ur time then post 


@tishta_7  It's ok. And yes every story has end but i'm going to miss this book more than anything. I loved you book from my heart. Thank you for such an amazing work. 


Dear tishta di and all her readers, 
          I request you all to watch Movie "Sita Ramam."
          ( A telugu debuted movie) It is a real life story. 
          About A Indian Lieutenant Ram and his Sita Mahalakshmi. 
          Please take a little break from your life and watch this. You can take it as I am pleading. But plzz watch this
          Let me know by comment "saluting soldiers. "
          I have not one friend to recommend this story. I  have watched  with my father and my siblings. Even my strong father had cried. 
          Tishta di, if I offend you. Because I am really a ingrate person to post this on your account. 
          Taking advantage that you have hundreds of readers or more


@anushkasharma2426 heyy another sita ramam fan... Have watched this movie so many times now and yes have led incessant tears too...one of the best movies it is ! Even I have recommended many to watch it. ❤️✨ Saluting soldiers !!