hihi! i just started writing a tsukiyama fanfic, and was wondering if any of you would like to read it ! i love positive feedback, so feel free to let me know what you think about the first chapter, and if i should continue writing it ! also i love your story so freaking much it literally filled a hole in my heart 


        I would just like to say that this story was soo well written and unique.  it wasn't like any fanfics with yams hurting himself and tsukki realizing he needs yams after cheating with kuroo or smth like that...
          your story  pointed out that tsukki wanted to give an apology that's not plain to show that he was frank about it and that really made this one of the best stories, in addition to that  the character developments are astronoical and the ending which made tears race down from my eyes yet it made me smile...I really loved it 


@wintermallow Aaaaaa thank you so much!!! I'm grinning like a fool rn lmao,, I was hoping I'd written the character development well,,