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most people were curious about the life of a drug dealer and tended to ask nathan how it was dealing with all the insane shit that came with being one. after all, most people viewed drug dealers as those having to deal with bat shit crazy addicts and run from the cops every night. but little did they know that he was on the top of the food chain. he was the one who bought product direct from the "backroom" and sold it to regional dealers at a 10 to 1 profit. he only dealt with people he knew well such as tony down the block, or his neighbor rickii and his wife diann. nathan kept his spending discrete so as not to raise a lot of attention with the police since they were already up his ass about random money appearing. he did not really think too much about where the drugs were going, he mostly thought about his own life and his own problems. anyone who got addicted to the stuff he was pushing in their general direction had to deal with their issues on their own, not rely on his ass to give them free drugs or lower the prices; the man had to make a living somehow. so how did he become so high up in the area's drug trade? well he knew a guy, who knew a guy, who's cousin knew a guy, whom happened to be head of the italian mafia, and back in the day he practically knew the head of the drug cartel; that's where he got the major discounts. nathan managed to become the heads' right hand man, up until the day that he betrayed the mafia and ended up getting himself killed during a phony deal.

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