omfg it’s my birthday 


Hello Star,
          It's been such a long time ;-; 
          I hope you're doing well!
          I've been doing this thing on here where I kinda need your help
          So I want to be a writer kind of. 
          The problem is I often get distracted, burnt out, or just want to stop writing for the time being. It's actually very difficult to focus on creating one story at a time without being distracted. 
          And i just wanted to ask if you  would be interested in doing interviews so that we discuss the process of writing any form of stories. I'm documenting my writing journey on a wattpad book called "writing motivation and tips" (very original, I know) and I would learn to know more about writing. Because more is less when you want to learn. 
          So would you  like to share your knowledge and help us budding writers? :pleading_face:


          ❝   life goes on. 
          and the wisest thing for you 
          to do is to go with it. ❞
                        it's like a never-ending series.
          you tend to fall down in every places.
          and end up having wounds everywhere.
          all the scars you earn in every episode
          is a reminder you carry to the next.
             you have enough stories on your
          skin to carry you forward.
          — every year you step into.