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anyways read my book linked below,, heres some scenes :D (heavy TW)

"Once his footsteps faded down the stairs, I let the tears flow from my eyes and the sobs from my throat. I kept glancing over at Ry, desperately wanting to tell her that everything would be ok and that I would be fine. I wanted to tell her over and over that I was sorry, and I had to do this. I wanted to hug her and let her cry into my shoulder. I wanted her to believe that things will work out.

But I found it impossible for me to reassure her with something that I myself didn't even believe. So, I stuck to no words, only my emotions, as I sobbed in the chair. At some point, I heard her join me in wallowing. Without any words being spoken, both of us knew that this was it. This was the end of us. Everything we worked so hard for, completely shattered.

I hadn't felt this amount of hopelessness since I ran away almost nine years earlier. And it hit me so suddenly, it was terrifying. And that's hard for me to admit. I wasn't scared of anybody or anything, not even my own father or what he planned to do to me. The thing that terrified me the most was one specific piece that I never experienced when I was younger.

I was terrified of being completely alone through this" ("Alkali Blood" by Austen K, page 60).

"The man's last words had been to me. 'You'll make it out alive.' I don't think I'll ever be able to forget the look on his face as his body crumbled to the floor. The image of his corpse in a pool of his own blood haunted me every day of my life. It was engraved into my mind. I didn't know what day his death was, but I knew which scar had been made just before. Every time I saw that scar, I couldn't help but see his face inside of it.
I was six years old when I watched him die" ("Alkali Blood" by Austen K, page 118).
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