Has anyone else noticed a huge influx of creeps in their DMs? It’s unsettling to say the least. 
          	Anyway, yes I have been gone for a minute. I had some major life changes. Second baby, quit my job, my husband now owns his own business and all 4 of us recently had covid (yes, kids can get covid too). I have checked in here and there over the last year, but writing has not happened. Like at all. So this is me saying that I’m trying to get back in the groove. Bare with me while I post some absolute garbage until I improve 


@vanessapiccolo so many creepy people


@vanessapiccolo congrats on the new edition and yes the DM's are creepy


@vanessapiccolo Hope all the family is feeling better.  Congrats on your new addition.  
          	  Take care of yourself and your family.  Your readers will be here whenever your muse returns


Hello Vanessa! My name is Shelby. Throughout the years I've been through some serious bullying, but finally I've decided to share my story about what I learned from it. 
          I wrote a short story here on Wattpad discussing the worst thing someone's ever done to me, and how I became stronger because of it. I wrote this short story in hopes of helping someone else who went through it is going through bullying. I wrote it on here in hopes that I could get a few talented writers like yourself to give me some feedback on it? The purpose of the story is to show that you can feel strength and power, even in the lowest of times. Thanks for your time! It's called "Truly Unshielded" on my profile by the way


Hey, I just read Arranged today and I went through the posts here so I wanted to ask if you are planning on updating the book or not. I haven’t read your other works so I don’t know if you are writing these days with everything that you have going on. So I just wanted to know if you are writing and will be finishing that book in the future 


Hey vanessa please tell me when will u update arranged  its 2019 when you last updated it.


Hi! Yes, I will be completing anything unfinished before releasing anything new. Thanks for checking in!