Heyy! How are you? I just wanted to ask if you'd be kind enough to check my story out? It'd mean a lot to me :)
          Thank you so much if you do!


HAHAHA TYSMM ALSO, the guy in my pfp is mariano castano, AKA "thatwhitelatino" ON TIKOK


          Heyy I see your comments everywhere lol ! My name is Scarlet  and I’ve been working really hard on my new story CHASING RIVER.❤️ it would mean the absolute world  to me if you could please check it out for me. I really would appreciate it. It’s on my other account @xlonelylightswritesx ❤️xx             
          At Saint Katherine’s academy of the arts I can assure you that everyone’s carrying around a dirty little secret- especially River Kennedy. ☁️