I have written on my bio that I DO NOT accept requests to make a story and I DO NOT accept anymore requests to translate any of my stories. 
          	To those who's requests to translate my stories that I DENIED, can you PLEASE NOT publish your translation when I DID NOT GAVE ANY PERMISSION to do so.
          	Please DO NOT BLAME ME if you've done the translation because I CLEARLY stated in my bio that everyone should READ my bio where I stated that I DO NOT accept these two things.
          	And to whoever who sees a translation of my stories, that is not in my Translations reading list, please do help me report these stories.
          	PLEASE I'M BEGGING.
          	I'm so tired of this issue.
          	V Author-nim


@VelenneDanielle I clearly don't understand who doesn't know to read English. It should have been clear to person who is translating. I just hope this stops. 


@VelenneDanielle just let us know when things like this happen we'll help


Author-nim, are you okay? I noticed you unpublished your stories. I enjoyed you stories so much especially the Misfits trilogy. I do hope you're doing just fine and share you stories with us again. We love you author-nim. ❤️❤️


I was going to reread Cinderella's step sister and was heartbroken that I couldn't see it on my reading list then I came to find it was gone for a few days maybe weeks. I'm hoping you didn't fully delete them, I hope you are doing alright and there is a reason why you no longer have your books up. 
          But I hope one day if you just unpublished them that you are able to bring them back if not then it'll be a lovely memory a little story in my head. I hope you are doing well since I think the last time you wrote here was 2017 (maybe 2019). I hope you are doing well and have a bright future ahead 


Author unnie , please please bring back the 2 books of Cinderella's step sister. I wanted to re-read them. Now they aren't available anymore. I can't describe how bad I'm feeling right now. I literally felt like a part of my memories have completely vanished without anything to reminisce. Please please unnie. I'm pleading