We’ve hit 1k! I am so grateful to have reached 1000 followers, that fact you guys like my work is amazing. After I finish To Deceive A Duke I am we wondering what kind of thing you would like to read next? Please drop me a comment or message ❤️


@vickitickitoria First of all Congrats, and I simply wish you more in future, your books are everything and the las tone is amazing, I can't even read any historical romances since you writing skills raised my standards of choosing a new book, so please don't leave me hungry  for a new book, hope you publish another one soon. Btw loved your new covers. 
          	  Luv you❤


Hi ! Stumbled across To Defend a Duke recently and loved every minute of reading it! Definitely finishing the other two books as well! Hope to read more of your works! 


Hi recently discovered your books and have to say, this has been one of the best books I have read in a long time. To defy a duke
          The interaction from the first chapter just fantastic till the end.
          Well done


Absolutely amazing stories…. Your writing is simply superb, you are able to make the readers feel the emotions that the characters are going through….. cant wait for more stories from you…. Please continue the excellent work


That is so kind of you to say, it’s so nice to know that people appreciate my writing  dunno what I am going to write next tbh