Thanks for getting me to 200 followers! Anyone down for read for read?


Thank you for the follow! 
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Hello there, Vi. Just stopping by to say thank you so much for following me. You're amazing for it ❤ Always curious to know how people found my account and why they followed, so feel free to share ;) Haha, even if you don't feel like sharing, still, thanks so much for the follow. It means a ton to me ^.^
          - Cross
          P.S. I envy your ability to write fully offline xD I am too addicted to feedback. 


@vicroft It very much is xD


@Cross-Warrior Writing off line is definitely not easy!!


          thanks so much for following me! if you followed me for my stories, i truly hope you enjoy them! ♡
          if they aren’t your cup of tea (or coffee) that’s totally cool too, i just appreciate you taking the time to check out my profile where i share pieces of my heart + feature some of my  favorite stories (& people) on wattpad! 


          Just wanted to say hello and how are you? Thank you so much for following me and although I have absolutely no idea how you found me not-quite-large-enough-to-be-a-corner of Wattpad, I am very grateful!
          Wattpad is a community so if you'd ever like to chat or ask me any questions, DM me! Either here or on Instagram (link in my bio).
          If you're into YA romance, check out my book 'The Feelings Dilemma'. If you're more into teen fiction,  check out my latest novel, 'Crowd Pleaser'! 
          That awkward compass point,
          North Gray


@NorthGrayBooks Hope you like my works too!