hi yaLL 
          	i perhaps think i’m off 
          	my hiatus now bc ion 
          	like the idea of saying 
          	a hiatus so i’m bacc !!
          	i think i’ll attempt to 
          	just , publish the drafts
          	glaring at me lol they
          	dying to be shown


@VIVIB3ARS welcome back ! your theme looks gorgeous ! 




          hello lovely!       during these rough 
          times, it’s nice to get some positive 
          energy out there.       so here’s your 
          challenge,  love yourself!      please 
          smile bright!   you’re beautiful just 
          as you are!      you shouldn’t live to 
          meet anyone’s standards. keep in 
          mind that if someone doesn’t love 
          you for you, they’re not worth your 
          time. shine like the damn star you 
          are! you’re doing great! even when
          times get rocky, i encourage you to
          keep going! i love you and you have 
          a friend right here if you need it! ♡
          - lizzie ! ♡


this message may be offensive
- ̗̀   ◛₍₁₎    ̖́- 
          ⇢  message from sai !  ༉‧₊
          hey love, i’m back again :) i just 
          wanted to remind u again that u 
          are AMAZING! u deserve the whole 
          world, do not ever let ANYONE bring
          u down! u don’t deserve to deal with 
          other people’s shit, take care of yourself, 
          stay happy, stay positive, i hope u  have 
          the bestest day! <3
          p.s i love u bb! 
          ↳˚.  @sanfilmz  ˘͈ᵕ˘͈


↳˚. message from sai ! 
          just remember this; you may 
          not be able to control every 
          outcome, but remember that 
          you can always control your 
          attitude and how to behave. 
          the greatest value of having 
          good people around you is
          not what you get from them, 
          but the better person you 
          become by being with them. 
          have a nice day, love! <3
          - @softsans-  ༉‧₊


↳˚. message from sai !
          hi cutie pie! i just wanted to let you know that 
          you are loved.
          do not ever criticize yourself. never go around 
          saying that you are unattractive or not as smart 
          or as good as anyone else. remember that god 
          was not having a bad day when he made you. 
          you are beautiful. beauty is when you can truly 
          appreciate yourself. i know no one is perfect, but 
          you just need to accept all your flaws and learn 
          to love yourself no matter what. love yourself first, 
          and then everything else will fall into place. 
          remember that you really need to love yourself 
          before you get anything done in this world.
          for when you love yourself, that is when you feel 
          you are most beautiful. so please, love yourself.
          - @softsans-  ༉‧₊