(Hi there! I'm Yesenia and here's my Oc autobot, also I like all different type of fanfiction like yugioh, kids show and more)

Greetings my name is jessie paxen aka Blade galaxy prime and let be friends together

Let's Rev up and roll out!!!

Parental units:

Sire: primus
Sire: unicron
carrier: laura Jones aka nova pax prime

Autobot Profile:

Blade galaxy prime is curious about anything.

Friendly to the people she likes.

Kind to her family and friends.

Quite emotional of certain things.

Very creative in many ways.

Becomes very caring to others.

Take pity on others and herself.

Be friends with others.

Even help some of the deceptions to become autbots.

Favorite things: arts, flowers, dances, sing to songs and musics

Love intreset: Optimus prime and cius

My Oc genderbends

love interest: sideswipe and sunstreaker


  • Earth and cybertron
  • JoinedDecember 13, 2018

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