New (late) chapter of Almost Royalty!! https://my.w.tt/QpQwsumwqY


Hey...were there more chapters in the book before??...Coz I stumbled across the book again after a long time and after reading  I thought I might have read more chapters of the same book before....


Hey, I just found your book Almost Royalty and looks really cool. But it  seems like there were more chapters. I can only see two parts and I'm wondering if you're just editing the book? 
          Or if there's some type of technical difficulty? 


@BrbFeedingMyUnicorn Hi! Yeah I’m actually editing the book at the moment. 


Hi...been waiting for ur update for long.. I can understand the school stress and all...I'm going through the same...btw I'm trying something new here...jus started writing plz do visit my profile and let me know if I should cont or no