Cause I have terrible writer's block and felt like writing some bad poetry


Hallo,  here to mention that I truly adore The Best People and it's very exciting that you have started sharing publicly  this story once more! 
          I just want to express how  I miss reading your collection of poems (now unpublished), each one was a piece of art ❤️


          I'm so glad that you're uploading chapters for The Best People.
          I've read it many times before you took it down, actually...and it was one of my top books of all time!
          To me, the current version established the chemistry between Zara and Xander immediately from the very first chapter as compared to the stand-offish, mysterious Xander slowly warming up to Zara in the old version. Xander seems much more mischievous in this new version. It's a different vibe, but I can’t wait to see the slow-burn romance again 


Hi, I'm new here and just started writing a book. If you have the time maybe you can give me feedbacks on it and if you like it maybe give it a vote. I'm also looking for book recommendations I could read, if you have any. Thank you! :)


          Can I just say hands down I’m in love with the best people. Like gurlll you have no idea how long I’ve been searching for a good classic cooking story . Wattpad has no books that include a good cooking romantic story. Nada no nothing. I could write a long rant about this but thank the lords you came up with this idea. I enjoy reading your book and love the humour. Also, I realized I’m talking to a complete stranger but I’m weird. Sooooooo.........just know that you have a complete fandom backing you up.