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          	  Of course I am interested 


Hello author jii!!
          Just wanted to let y'know that your stories take my heart away!!! Tbh, you are my favouriteeee writer <33
          "Tussi mera dil lut lete ho" 
          I'm waiting for the updates, like yaar raha nahi jaata!!
          I loveeeeee your books "The Diamond" and "The Caliginous"
          Bhaisaaabbbbbb!! You're my favouriteee of all!
          Like you complete the full "indian waale things" i always wanted to imagine!!
          Keep writing!! We're here to support you!!
          Please update the "Concealed with Obsession" too!!!
          Waiting for the dark romance to starttt (>~<)
          Thank youuu!!
          And I wish you a very healthy and happy life!! 


Author jiiiii.
          I hate reading books which r not completed and usually avoid them but sohniye ur books r sooooo good ki mujhse raha nahi jaata. I wait everyday for u to update concealed with obsession. I just luv u and ur books so much. May God give u a long life and may u live happily ur entire life. 
          Lots of love
          Ur big fan


Thank Youuu ❤️


Hey, no offence but I am a fan of your from diamond and I do some editing of insta for others today one girl showed me your reel and I can’t see it then I released you blocked me… I mean why I never do anything that I can get blocked even the worst I checked your account on my frds mom account you blocked everyone even my mom don’t even connect with your account… 
          Why I mean I am a good I even give you review I never steal any of your edit then why..!?


@simranpreet12 mass spamming reels in dms. 


I know even I don’t wanna do the fight it’s just I am a really really big fan and one day I got to know you blocked me so I just you know what I mean…
            @ _.ck._.edits._
            @ _.anonymouswritter._


I don’t remember like this. Whats your ID? If I have blocked then something might have happened. I don’t like to fight or be in an argument so I simply block. 


Hey author, I love your ongoing book  concealed with obsession so much.I am so excited when I see the notification.I have a request,if it's not too much of an inconvenience , could you make the chapters a bit more  longer.I just can't get enough of it


Sorry but it is actually an inconvenience. I wont give a huge reply to this but I already wrote a note in previous chapter which I guess you ignored thats why wrote the same single thing here. Go and read that note. Thank You. 


Let me tell you guys one fun fact. 
          Every single damn time something happens in my reality, a new plot comes up in my mind and I am like, dayummm I should write it. 
          And I end up making covers and everything (wasting so many hours cz covers nd name of books take a lot of time) and then my stupid brain tells me (yells at me) “first finish the books that are ongoing” (smile emoji) 


Probably this is reason when author post many stories but all remain ongoing 


@writingsbymelek a book with a ice hockey player or soccer player male lead will be so good~


@writingsbymelek Ikr!! I do the same too phir andar ke awaz bolti pehle ongoing waale toh khatam karle