you see a man in a tall dark robe he looks at you and smiles i can give you a purpose into your life only if you will let me 

I am the leader of the group known as organization XIII our goal is to fill kingdom hearts with hearts so we can have hearts of our own i am the ruler of the world that never was my weapons are the Ethereal Blades i also command the Sorcerer Nobodies i am basically the nobody of Xehanort

I - Xemnas
II - Xigbar
III - Xaldin
IIII - Vexen
V - Lexaeus
VI - Zexion
VII - Saïx
VIII - @_axel_
IX -Demyx
X - Luxord
XI - Marluxia
XII - Larxene
XIII - @-roxas-

as you see riku walking he jumps and his body starts turning to ansem his arms are crossed hovering off the ground you see his shadow from his back it was a big brute he teleports in frount of you he grabs you with his shadow holding you off the ground everything starts in darkness and everything ends in darkness darkness is in your heart and in your mind no matter how strong your light is the darkness will grow ansem says throwing you to a wall
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i will have ur pitiful heartd
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