Thank you to all my followers for reaching out despite my absence for reaching out! I'm no longer on wattpad because people kept blatantly stealing my books and it saddened me that people would take something I poured a lot of love and hard work into and claim it as their own. The question of whether I will be back to writing and re-uploading my bools is a different question and something I have np answer to at this stage. 
          	I thank each and every one of you guys for all the love!!


@yaoiChibi I know it’s been a while but by any chance do you have any intention of having your “im married to who..” series up for purchase? I would love to support and buy chapters. It was on of my all time favorite works and the only reason I ever kept wattpad. Would love to buy and support in some way!


@yaoiChibi i hope your doing well, i really wanted to read your books. i hope you'll come back soon.


I hope your doing well, been a fan since 2015 or 2016 hehe can't seem to remember, I'm grateful for your stories, It made me live till now, I hope we can access the "I'm married to" series, even if we purchase it from you. These stories fills the gap in my self like no other, thank youuuu