𓂅✦ 𝘈𝘯𝘥 𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘺 𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸, 𝘐 𝘬𝘯𝘰𝘸 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘤𝘪𝘵𝘺 𝘺𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘪𝘯
𝘠𝘰𝘶'𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘭𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘺 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘐'𝘥 𝘱𝘪𝘤𝘬
𝘐𝘯 𝘢 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘦 𝘶𝘱 𝘰𝘧, 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 30 𝘩𝘰𝘵 𝘨𝘶𝘺𝘴
𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘦𝘺𝘦𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘰, 𝘴𝘰 𝘱𝘳𝘦𝘵𝘵𝘺 𝘐 𝘣𝘦𝘵
𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘭𝘪𝘱𝘴 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘱𝘳𝘰𝘣𝘢𝘣𝘭𝘺 𝘸𝘦𝘵
𝘞𝘪𝘵𝘩 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘦𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘳𝘦𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘩𝘪𝘱 𓂅✦

✦ Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, from the ashes we once came, to the ashes we shall return. ✦

✦ I'm going make you cream, moan, whimper, and beg tonight, guess which order 😈😈👅👅 ✦
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yungdagerd1ckk yungdagerd1ckk Dec 25, 2023 04:29PM
Merry Christmas! ain get shi for Christmas except for a candy cane from my grandma 
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