Spirit Guides

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What are spirit guides?

A spirit guide is an entity that assists you on your spiritual journey. They can come in many different forms. For example they may be an ancestor that has come to aid you. They may also be an animal spirit guide who acts as a companion. A spirit guide may even be an extra-terrestrial being.

Spirit guides may be with you your entire life, or they may appear occasionally to teach you a valuable lesson. Spirit guides are extremely wise, wiser then ourselves, and they are exceptionally kind. The persons relationship with a sprit guide is like that of a parent and child relationship. They help us to achieve our highest potential.

A spirit guides purpose is to guide us, and aid us in achieving our goals. They have a greater understanding of our life purpose, and in turn help us become the thing we are destined to be. They have information that we do not possess and will teach us all that we need to know. We are the student and they are the teacher.

Our spirit guide is always by our side, lending a hand when it is needed. We can feel them in many different ways. For example, we may feel sad and cry out for help, only to suddenly feel calm and at peace. That feeling is your spirit guide manifesting to comfort you. A spirit guide may also appear in our dreams, they can appear as anything, and will talk to us in their own special way, sometimes without speaking at all.

How to contact your spirit guide.

Our spirit guides are always working with us, so it's more of a matter of how to communicate with them. Like mentioned above, we can communicate with them through our dreams, remember, they can manifest as anything/anyone. Another excellent way is through meditation. In your meditation, relax fully, music without singing helps the best, and ask for your spirit guide to come forward. You may also ask your spirit guide for some sort of sign, such as a certain animal or specific object, and the sign can appear in many different ways, so be prepared and ready. You may also use tools to communicate with your spirit guide such as tarot cards.

Remember, you do not have to speak them in a professional and specific manner, you can speak to them like you would if you were asking another person for help.

How the spirit guide can guide you.

You can ask your guide for help, in fact, they have more power to help us if we specifically give them permission to do so. Keep in mind they are here to help us, not do everything for us. Spirit guides can guide us in specific outright ways, or they can guide us in more subtle, mysterious ways.

Spirit guides can communicate with you through other people, such as someone is giving advice to someone else, but that advice is just what you needed for yourself. Or someone could give you something that you specifically asked for from your spirit guide. They can also drop in, literally, if you're in a library and a book falls off a shelf that pertains to something applicable in your life, that could be your spirit guide. Also if a song comes on the radio that stands out to you, they could be trying to tell you something through that specific song.

Everyone has a spirit guide that is always with us to guide and to teach. Pay attention to your surroundings and your feelings, and remember to listen to your intuition. 

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