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First off....WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK GRAMMY! YOU KNOW DAMN WELL BTS "DYNAMITE" DESERVED THAT GRAMMY OVER LADY GAGA AND ARIANA GRANDÉ "RAIN ON ME".....PISSING NOT ONLY ME BUT MILLIONS TO BILLIONS OF OTHER ARMYS AND POSSIBLY K-POP FANS OUT THERE! YOUR LUCKY BTS WAS QUOTE ON QUOTE COOL ABOUT IT WHEN INFACT I KNOW THEY COULD BE LIVID! ESPECIALLY SINCE YOU GOT THEM HYPED ABOUT THE NOMINATION FOR NO REASON! LIKE COME ON! THEN IF YOU REALLY WANNA TRY AND SAY "Oh Lady Gaga Rain on Me did-" Sweetie before you even finish that "Sentence" BTS DID BETTER THAN BOTH ARIANA AND LADY GAGA ALONE! IF YOU CHECK THE VOTES BTS HAD GREATER, IF YOU CHECK THE GOD DAMN YOUTUBE ALGORITHM BTS DID BETTER IN BOTH LIKES,VIEWS, AND SUBSCRIBERS (Probably not sure) PLUS IF YOU CHECK THE FUCKING SALES OF THE TRACK ALBUM THEY WERE GREATER! BUT SHIT STILL THEY DID BETTER. Oh and if I'm im not wrong if we were to add back all the views Youtube stripped of BTS of I'm pretty sure BTS would have won due to the fact that they have more over 100 M/B views on just 1 Video alone and the others are steadying rising day by day. Go ahead and say "oh they probably don't make enough money/revenue" Like hell they don't. They get Thousands of Dollars a day from multiple places. They have money coming from YouTube,Weverse,Vlive,BTS world, BTS Story, and Some from music, Come to think about they are steady getting money from people streaming their songs on Platforms like Spotify,Apple Music, Tidal, Etc. Hell they even get money from sponsorships such as Samsung,Honda,Lotte, Sprite, and even a worldwide and well know and one of the Big 3 fast food place...McDonalds! Think about how much you fucked up Grammy's Just think for a fucking second and see what the hell you have done....Because the only thing I see is a reason that stuck out like a Person wearing Polka dots and Plaid in one outfit. You don't want BTS to win anything for their hard work because you know Western artist Like Beyoncé, Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Mylie Cyrus, Harry Styles, Bruno Mars, The Weekend, Dababy, Eminem, etc will have to step up their game because if this were like the app where you rate different things to Western People. Western artist are in their A-game. To K-pop fans and K-pop Wester fans They are at their C-Tier which is pretty low. While BTS is hitting the ball constantly, Producing album after album song after song,Choreography after Choreography,Comeback after Comeback. But wester artist groomed themselves to only Sing dance and hop around the stage. Not sing, Rap and Dance around the stage. Grammy's know damn well that western artist don't make their own dances. The Grammys know that we stern artist have backup dancers to make them look better. Unlike K-pop idols who work hard to not only write and produce a song but a dance that matches and fits with the song. Grammy's also know Western artist wouldn't put themselves to that test because if they aren't young and only do things for visuals not something that make them sweat and look "hideous" they are too old to even do a single move that requires energy. So what the fuck do you have to say now? No offense to the artist mentioned but I put all the other artist under the bus but while doing that I dragged you along with a Train. What more do you want me to say? Recount the vote? because I will say that and I just did but Even then it's too late to even Do a recount. As the Names and titles were engraved into the Award after the final votes were casted. But you know what it's cool don't even worry about it. Not watching the Grammy's again till I see BTS (which isn't gonna be for a while because they stated if they get invited to the Grammy's they aren't going) has gotten a win or performing. You can kiss my ass on that one. Because at least shows like the VMA's and Billboard have a fair count. Unlike the now shitty and lost a lot of views thanks to Army's The Grammy's Everyone! 👏🏽 now if you would like to Join and or watch the Rant of Fellow Army's about the topic of BTS not winning please go to Twitter,Instagram, and any other platform I'm sure Army's have made #Scammy's a #1 Trending 😉

This has been....

This has been

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