[ 09 - Streaming ]

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I run alongside with Will as we rush down the streets with each other, him pulling me behind him slightly as he is so much taller then me. I still have a smile across my face though as I manage to keep up with him. He glances down at me and even though I can tell that he is a little irritated with Tommy stealing his keys to get into his office, his eyes still of soft as they land on me carrying the stuffed animal as we rush down the streets together.

Before long we are both standing outside of the building, looking up at it. I tilt my head a little because it is a pretty decently sized office for a streamer. My eyes scan the windows facing the streets which we stand in front of and they read off different names of law and other sorts of companies.

"This is it," Will tells me and I nod a little. We step with each other to the building, the cool air from the conditions washing over us. We both let out a small sigh of comfort before both remember why we were here. He motions for me to follow so I do with the stuffed animal in my arms as we walk to a sort of counter where a woman was eyeing the two of us. "Hi," Will gives her a sort of innocent looking smile as I pull out my phone, trying to see what Tommy was doing. "I have an office here and someone got into it." He explained to the woman and she nodded a little, giving him a sort of confused look before looking over at me.

"My little brother," I tell her with a soft smile and she nods a little. She scans over my face and body with her eyes, assuming my trying to see if we looked alike. A small smile crossed her face, a sort of approving smile on her face before she looked back to Will. She must be new because there is no way that Will had to go through this every time he comes to his office to record or stream. That would be honestly insane.

"Is there anyway we can get back there?"

"Blond kid," The girl ignores him and I look down quickly to keep myself from laughing at how she simply looks right past him. "Blue eyes," She looks back over at Will who is glancing at me and I look out the door to see if Kristen and Phil are near. They had planned on going to the beach again while we tried to catch up with my chaotic little brother. "About your height, a little shorter?"

"That's Tommy." I nod a little and she nods.

"Yeah, hold on," She types something into the laptop which is in front of her and I rocked on my heels slightly. I see why they must have a card system set up, this takes quite a while. I wonder what Tommy is doing. "William Gold?" The lady asks, looking at Will who nods a little at his name and she grabs something off of the corner of her desk. "Just bring it back when you are done up there." She tells us as Will takes the keycard, making his way down the hall with me following right behind him.

"Thank you." I say over my shoulder at the lady who nods a little with a small smile across her face still before going back to what she had been doing on her laptop. Will easily navigates through the halls and I pass by a bunch of doors which are labeled for different law firms and other things of that sort. I laugh a little to myself at the idea of Will screaming about losing a game while they have clients in because that would be a fun thing to have to explain. What would he be supposed to say? That he was playing Minecraft and had to be loud to keep his viewer count up because people think loud is funny?

"Here." Will says as we come to a stop in front of a simple door. I see that the gold plate next to the door has Will's screen name across it with the single word of influencer under it. I go to open my mouth but Tommy cuts me off by shouting loudly and Will grabs the door handle but it doesn't move.

"It's locked!" Tommy's voice travels out to us as we stand in the hall. We look through the glass window to see a small look cross his face as his hands move across the table in search of something. "Oh hey, Will, Blake." He greets the two of us with innocent grins and I give him a little look. He finds what he was looking for as Will starts to feel his pockets to find his keys. "I've got a gun bitch." He shouts loudly, moving the camera so it can see the door as he points the toy gun at the door of the room. "What? What!" He asks the expression on his face changing quickly as Will comes into the office, shutting the door right behind him.

"Are you fucking streaming!" Will shouts dramatically as he comes into the cameras view. I try to cover up the smile on my face because he is really just doing the dramatics for the viewers. He knew that Tommy was streaming, that's how we got here.

"It's funny!" Tommy shouts back as he glances over at me and I shake my head a little. I turn to Dave to keep myself from looking at my little brother who is being shouted at by his best friend for breaking into his office. It's almost like yesterday when Tommy had kicked made Tubbo's stream crash by kicking his pc. I had tried to lecture him as best as I could, telling him that he could have broken it but Tubbo told me that it was perfectly fine, saying that nothing was broken at all. I don't think Will is Tubbo though because of the way the two boys are staring at each other.

"Did you drink my water?" Will shouts as his eyes snap to a large bottle on the desk. It is only halfway full and I laugh a little to myself as he moves to go take it from besides Tommy. I wave a little at the camera and chat as I am revealed from where I had been hiding behind Will. As the two start to talk to each other my eyes travel to the chat where they are all spamming a handful of different things that I can't read because Tommy's laugh steals my attention again.

"It was a long walk!" Tommy argues back with a laugh, still holding the gun in his hand. He moves it between me and Will so I hold my hands up in innocence as Will stares at him.

"It was a very long run," I tell my brother, moving around Will so Tommy can clearly my face. I give him a soft smile letting him know that Will isn't actually mad because I can see the tension which is built up in his shoulders from thousands of people watching Will shout at him, even if it was just a joke. There is a difference between being shouted at jokingly online verses in real life.

"Oh shit," He makes a small face, looking away from me after a minute, having been able to recompose himself. Within a second the grin is back on his face as his eyes move to Will and I stand by the door with a soft smile on my face still because I know that he is better now that he knows for sure that it is a joke. Still his eyes go to Will and he laughs. "You guys ran?"

"You took my wallet?" Will asks as his eyes land on a black walled which is sitting on one of the desks next to his messy pc. I laugh a little at a sign which simply says home home but watch as Tommy's jaw drops, trying to figure out what to say with his toy gun still in his hands. He fidgets with it in his hands as the grin stays across his face but he looks at Dave.

"It was his idea!"

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