Chapter 1

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"Jake! Open the door!"

Jake was busy kissing another girl whose name he couldn't really remember when the sound of Vanessa's shrill voice penetrated his lust-fogged mind.

He immediately went into action pulling away from the girl he was kissing who pouted prettily. That pout must have been what he had found attractive about her in the first place but now he didn't really care, after all he'd had a lot of fun with her all day long and she was no longer the novelty she was when he first started wooing her two weeks ago.

Vanessa, on the other hand, was hoping to be picked as his mate and hadn't allowed him to sleep with her yet even though he knew it was inevitable. He would have what he wanted from her but he would never ever mate with her.

He pushed the girl away from him and gestured quietly for her to put on her clothes. Then he placed the tray she had brought into his room late in the morning in her hands and sent her on her way before scrambling back into bed completely nude.

When the girl opened the door, Jake could see that Vanessa was already examining her for any sign that she had spent the day or night with him. He was quite ready to lie convincingly if Vanessa thought he had indeed slept with her. But when Vanessa stormed into his room, he knew that she had already forgotten all about the girl she had seen at the door.

"Jake I hope what your mother said isn't true." She said.

Jake sat up in his bed and pretended to stretch before resting his head on one of his arms while flexing the muscles on that arm. "Good evening to you too Vanessa, What did my mother say to you."

Her lips curled in obvious disgust at what his mother had said even as she repeated it. "She said that she doesn't plan to let you mate with me, instead you'll mate with some rich spoilt alpha's daughter."

Bingo, darling, you just hit the nail on the head because that is indeed the real plan even though you don't need to know that, Jake thought in his mind while he smirked at Vanessa and asked mysteriously, "What do you think?"

"I think that it would be extremely cruel of you and your mother to do that to me because I have suffered enough for you. I have spent my free time taking care of that stupid blind girl called Ciara as a favor to your mother and helped to keep her away from visitors of the pack...and it seems that this is how you want to repay me?" Vanessa vented.

Before She could get herself worked up, Jake slid out of the sheets and sauntered to where she stood without attempting to cover his naked body. He watched as her eyes widened as she looked him over, all her anger slowly dissolving under the weight of the lust that darkened her eyes.

"What...what are you doing?" She stammered trying to stare at anything but his body.

Jake used his hands to hold Vanessa's chin as he stood as close as he could to her. He wrapped his other hand around her waist and gave her his best earnest look. "Baby don't look so worried. My mum was just saying bullshit. You and I are destined to be. I'm sure of it and tomorrow when I choose you as my mate in the mating ceremony, you will be sure of it too."

Jake didn't waste the fantastic opportunity by watching the desire fill her eyes instead he kissed her with as much passion as he could summon and soon enough they were in his bed doing the dirty.


"Jake, wake up now!"

Unfortunately, Jake woke up to a blinding light that could only be the sun filtering through the open parts of his curtains with his father's voice ringing in his ears. He pushed himself up and groggily opened his eyes to face his father who was giving him the usual 'I'm so disappointed in you' look that he had gotten so used to.

He used a hand to shield his eyes from the blinding light of the sun and looked down to see Vanessa curled delectably to his side on the bed. Well, he could see the reason for his father's disappointment. What father wouldn't be when he saw his son with some slut so early in the morning on the day of an important pack meeting which was also his coming-of-age party. He patted Vanessa's arms to wake her up but she didn't want to.

"What? Let me sleep Jake." She murmured.

"Vanessa, the alpha is here." Jake stage-whispered.

He almost laughed as she woke up with a start and quickly held the bed sheet tightly to her chest. Her head was bowed as she tied the bed sheet securely around her body then shuffled out of his room as fast as her legs could take her.

"I'm so disappointed in you Jake, you are supposed to be celibate just for your mate like I was for your mother and yet you're here doing this...or is that girl your mate?" His father, Alpha of the Sunberry pack, asked.

"Over my dead body will that trashy girl be my son's mate!" Jake's mother, Mackenzie stated as she walked into his room.

"Then I don't see why you have to sleep with other girls when you're about to find your mate." His father said.

"Honey leave the boy alone, let him have fun while he still can." Jake's mother was quick to come to his defense.

She quickly diverted his father's attention from him as she pulled his father to the doorway and said, "We'll leave you to dress now, darling. Come downstairs as soon as you're done. The guests have already started arriving."

After saying this, she pulled his dad, who was still arguing about his irresponsible behavior, out of his room and He could only smile as he thought of how lucky he was to have such a caring mother.

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