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Torch (Rengoku x Male! Demon! Reader) by TotalChaos020
Torch (Rengoku x Male! Demon! Read...by Toasted
I panted heavily as a man in black chased me down the mountain. The sight and smell of blood, along with the sound of tearing flesh rang throughout my mind. Who would ha...
When Monsters Rise (Haikyuu Post-Apocalyptic AU)  by CrackshotReaper
When Monsters Rise (Haikyuu Post-A...by CrackshotReaper
(completed) Osamu is sitting at school with his boyfriend and two best friends when he gets a text from his twin brother who just came home from America with his best f...
Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikaelson by smileyxamy
Falling for the devil- Klaus Mikae...by Amz
Samantha (Sam) a young 16 year old girl, one of Elenas old friends, moves back to her old town, getting a small house with her sister Charlie. Sam meets a man and finds...
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayville by BrettHicks
Biting Wild: Lycans of Grayvilleby Brett Hicks
After the death of my father I moved to a secluded Canadian town called Grayville. It has under 15,000 residence and a good vet school, so I could finish my last year o...
My Mate the Wanderer by Eroticwolf
My Mate the Wandererby EroticWolf
His hand grazed across my back sending sparks all throughout my body. A small moan escaped my lips, his touch was like a drug to me. All that I knew was that I would do...
kidnapped by why dont we  by emily_seavey
kidnapped by why dont we by emily_seavey
one night coming from dancing class with my 4 friends we get kidnapped and guess what they get turned supernaural see what happens next. Little update I am doing little...
My Demons {An OHSHC and Black Butler Crossover} by EvilDemon67
My Demons {An OHSHC and Black Butl...by i'm a mess
{Completed but it sucks. Please don't read} Charlotte has been trying to escape her past life for as long as possible. After a freak accident, Charlotte gained powers be...
Bitten by the Ultima Wolf by sophiscatedsophia
Bitten by the Ultima Wolfby ஓ๑𝕾𝖔𝖋𝖎𝖊๑ஓ
"Well, you're mine now, whether you like it or not," he whispered in my ear, nibbling. ▊▊▊▊▊Aaliyah Paisley was a normal human, she has heard of the Ultima Wol...
Shit Happens by animefreakspazattack
Shit Happensby Taciturnus
Sparkle on with the second story about wolves and love. Don't let their tempers get you down, read this installment about rainbows and sexy men!
The human and the alpha by arialoveskpop
The human and the alphaby arialoveskpop
"WATCH OUT!" I push her away as the wolf was up in the air and the wolf sunk his teeth into me. He thrash his head around making his teeth dig in deeper in my...
'I Don't Care If You're Contagious'   BoyxBoy by VonCreep666
'I Don't Care If You're Contagious...by My Name Is Dee
18 year old Ash's life was good up until the day he died and lost it all. Now filled with remorse and pain and memory's that haunt him. He has to live life day by day fi...
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Turned into a Boy (Hiatus due to College life)  by iAmMoku
Turned into a Boy (Hiatus due to C...by Meke Moose
Turned into a Boy follows the story of a girl named Jillian Hart, the little Miss perfect in school, the one that everyone wants to befriend with and being one of the mo...
Bitten by CottonCandyEyes
Bittenby Samantha
Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When she gets kic...
OD! eddsworld x reader one-shots by stansbestfriendaqua
OD! eddsworld x reader one-shotsby Grim
Aug 11 edit, 2021: hey y'all this book is actually really old and uh its been awhile lmao, feel free to make fun of it and stuff, YOU MAY ALL REQUEST ANYTHING THAT INCLU...
Kidnapped by the Vampire King by Krista545
Kidnapped by the Vampire Kingby Krista545
Avery is a girl in her freshmen year of college, this place is unfamiliar to her, and she's on her own for the most part. Cole is a vampire, who just happens to be the k...
Eternity kill (Immortal Queen book 1) by Shadows-Of-Darkness
Eternity kill (Immortal Queen book...by Shadows-Of-Darkness
Hey y'all! This has been blowing up lately, I don't get it it low key kinda sucks write it my freshmen year, but if you some how enjoy it, my newest book Separated Magic...
Abducted by VeronicaaVixxen
Abductedby Veronica Vixen
***This is the sequel to the first book: Turned*** It was only weeks ago that Brianne Michaels was living a normal life. But now, she's met her new reality. It was onl...
Best Vampire Stories on Wattpad by MaNiggaOlaf
Best Vampire Stories on Wattpadby Sarah
Good vampire stories on Wattpad are pretty hard to find. Not to mention that I can be very picky when it comes to vampire stories.That's why I created a list of my perso...
Sideswipe the decepticon by MadHatterofStarWars
Sideswipe the decepticonby MadHatterofStarWars
During a battle, Sideswipe is captured by the Decepticons. Shockwave uses a device to change Sideswipe into a decepticon loyal to Megatron. His first order: terminate hi...